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Zion National Park

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Catch the bus at ...

Sol Foods
The tiny town of Springdale meets Zion at the south entrance to the park (the main entrance). Just before you go into Zion, the IMAX theatre is on your right. Next to the IMAX theatre is Sol Foods, and in front of Sol Foods is a bus parking area. That is where you will find the Bundu Bus.  

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Background Info

Utah has more national parks than any other state in the country, and Zion is the most popular, attracting more people than all the others combined.  The Bundu Bus goes there several times a week. You can check out the schedule, routes, and make a reservation.

You can visit Zion by yourself on the Bundu Bus, or you can go there as part of an unescorted or escorted tour. If you choose to go by yourself, or on an unescorted tour, we can arrange your lodging for you.


There are various lodging options. You can stay in a motel, a teepee, or camping. Please note that if we book your lodging at Zion for you we guarantee we will drop you off directly at the property. If you book it yourself you may be dropped at a central location, and have to find your own way there. Because we negotiate discounted rates from our suppliers we are often able to offer a lower rate than you could get yourself!


One of the beauties of Zion is the free shuttle system. We can show you how to take advantage of this to give yourself your own free tour, without having to pay anyone another dime (park entry excluded). There is a free shuttle system that runs from the small town outside Zion, which you can use to get to the park's entry. Once there, go to the Visitor Centre where you can pick up a free bus through the park itself!

The free shuttle service does not travel along the main road through Zion from the main (south) entrance to the east entrance. You can also take the Bundu Bus on a tour through much of the park on the way to Bryce.

Activities & Other

Other activities we offer at Zion National Park include horseback riding and guided hikes. Please let us know if we can book those for you as well.


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